Advent 13, 2018: No Words at the Moment

Zechariah remained frozen in stunned silence, trying to blink away the brilliant glow’s memory still in his eyes.  Must have been real. 

His mind did not imagine it. 

His eyes did not manufacture it. 

Were those tears forming and streaming down his cheeks? 

Yes.  Why? 

Fear?  Joy?  Shock? 

Ashamed of his doubts being known? 

He swallowed hard, ashamed at thinking his doubts could be hidden from such a Presence as the Almighty’s.  He shook his head free from incredulity at the unmistakable favor communicated by Gabriel.  He was ashamed he didn’t believe the angel’s words. 

A son!  A son!  Not just a child but a son!  An heir!  One who would go on before the Lord, as in a priestly tradition to turn the hearts of a people the Almighty had prepared for Himself! 

Zechariah wept for joy and wept again, in frazzled shock.  And as if this moment of being chosen by lot wasn’t enough to be a blessing of a day and a highlight of lifetime, here was the miraculous!  Good news!  Amazing news!  A son for this old man and for my old wife! 

“I cannot wait to tell Elizabeth,” he thought, “She’ll be so surprised and so happy!” As he began to practice quietly what he would say to Elizabeth and wondered what to say so she’d believe him, he discovered his faithless response anew. He couldn’t speak at all, just as the angel had told him.


His Story, Your Story: 

  1. In Zechariah’s life, doubt was exposed, but it served some very useful purposes.  What types of purposes might his silence have served for himself, personally? 
  2. What might it have done for Elizabeth since she didn’t have the angelic appearance? 
  3. What kind of proof do you need to believe the miraculous?

Self-Reflection topic: Proof

Prayer:  Lord Jesus, thank You that You are every bit as comfortable in the spiritual realm as in the earthly; You are as at home and at peace in the miraculous as in the mundane; and Your knowledge of all truth is complete.  Help us to have confidence in Your reliability and trustworthiness and to know in Whom we trust instead of our eyes and our minds that can deceive us.  Help us to bury our doubts beneath the ample evidence Your Word provides of the truth.  Thank You that our hearts are known by You, and our prayers too.  Thank You that You do not give us what we deserve, but in its place, You give us grace.  Thank You, Lord.  Amen.


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