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SEMINARY GAL is devoted to making the theological understandable.


 God gives us good news worth sharing.   


Welcome to my blog where I try to offer Christian perspective for standing firm for Jesus at the crossroads of faith and culture.  Among my most popular offerings are the God’s Promises Cards to download for encouragement and devotionals on a variety of topics. 

In 2021, we will examine God’s revelation of Himself to mankind in the Person of Jesus Christ, our Lord.

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 We live in a world that seems filled with disaster and disease, hardship and heartache, meanness and misery around every corner.  Do you ever wonder,

Where is God in all of this?”

Maybe this applies to you or perhaps you’re on a quest to learn what the Bible says about difficult subjects from someone who understands what it means to have questions.  It is here that you’ll find articles and devotionals minus the jargon that seems to be assumed by so many Christians.

I didn’t arrive in this world fully clothed in a denim jumper, clutching a Bible. 

This web site reflects me:  Seminary Gal.  Yes, I’m Seminary trained, but I’m also just a plain ol’ Gal who loves to teach and garden and cook and write. 

I invite you to explore here.

To ask questions.  To learn alongside a Gal who doesn’t have all the answers to all life’s questions.

But I am one who has encountered God enough in the midst of a world of difficulties to know that He’s not far away.  I know from experience that He’s waiting for you to come home.  Open the door; you’ll find that Jesus is approachable and is waiting to reveal His Father’s care for you.

Life is tough.  Let’s journey together and make the theological understandable.

While theology is a big part of my life, so is gardening. 

I’m sure Adam and Eve felt the same way ever since God placed them in a garden…    

If you’re here to ask a gardening question, saw my sign, or want to take a virtual walk in my garden, click the scrolling garden banner photo above or  Inspiration–In the Garden.

It’s part of my ministry to you as your theological and gardening friend, Seminary Gal.

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