My Vision of God as Preserver-Lent 14, 2020

Prayer Focus: Ways in Which God Preserves Us

Lord God of all Wisdom, we praise You that it is not in Your nature to be wasteful and not in Your character to make mistakes. You are generous and perfect and holy and just. We thank You for patterns You give us in the Bible by Your design. That You could experience sorrow at having made man given what we did with Your gift of life. When I read that You regretted having made human beings on the earth, and Your heart was deeply troubled, it’s not Your character or design that was flawed. It was human sin that caused both. Yet we rejoice that instead of casting all of earthly creation into destruction, You decided to save some through the great flood. You saved man and You saved animals. Plants weathered the flood as did the fish by Your design. Indeed even Noah and his family found favor in Your eyes. Moreover, we praise You for the pattern of salvation that this established for the deliverance yet to come. We praise You for Your patience and not wanting any to perish. We praise You that Jesus has paved the way for us by faith in Him. You are good, Lord. And we praise You in Jesus’ Name. Amen


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