Announcing the Lenten Devotional Series (2013)

There is, perhaps, no more appropriate time than today to reclaim the foundations of the Christian faith. 

American culture is rapidly degenerating–it has become “post-Christian” in just about every regard.  An increasing population knows very little about the Gospel or whether it is, in fact, Good News at all.

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Jesus seems irrelevant to the day at hand for far too many, but nothing could be farther from the truth!
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Why is a clear understanding of the Gospel important?

This is what Paul explores in The Letter to the Romans. 

What applied to Rome then, applies to us today–perhaps moreso.

We’ve lost our way in the forest of feelings and have thrown away the compass of holiness in an effort to be accepted by others.  We’ve become acculturated—even in the church–contorting and conforming ourselves to a secular mindset.  The church is presently failing to be the holy institution God designed it to be.

In light of these things, Lent 2013 is a welcome time to revisit and remember what the Bible says.  What is the Gospel?  Why is it “Good News?”

The message of The Letter to the Romans is the Gospel and that it why it is Paul’s masterpiece—relevant for today—timeless in its importance.  Join me this Lent for devotionals on The Letter to the Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece.  The 40 day devotional series begins Ash Wednesday and continues (Monday through Saturday) until Easter.

For those of you who signed up on Facebook SeminaryGal or used the space provided on the Home Page side bar, thank you!  I look forward to journeying together during Lent.


Lent 2013’s series The Letter to the Romans: Paul’s Masterpiece sought to reclaim foundations of our Christian heritage .  All 2013 devotionals can be accessed through the archives beginning February 13, 2013. 

This year’s series can be viewed here.

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