Light Our Way (Lent 2, 2017)

One of the interesting things about God’s creating light is His doing it for our benefit.  He did it knowing He would be creating plants and creatures that required light to grow and produce.  And creating people who would have the ability to see.  He didn’t have to create us with sight, but He did!

Since that time, God uses light to produce food for us to eat and to lead us in the way we should go–to light our way!  In Exodus, the Israelites were on the move,  Exodus 13:21 By day the LORD went ahead of them in a pillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel by day or night.

In the daylight, they could see a pillar of cloud, but at night there was a pillar of fire which gave off light.  In both cases, light was used to light our way.

Fun fact of light: Humans have a “visible spectrum” of light, basically that rainbow of colors that white light separates into when it passes through a prism or raindrops.  But light also includes a spectrum we cannot see, but other animals can.  Bees, for example, can see ultraviolet light which attracts them to flowers which aren’t perhaps the showiest in our visible spectrum.  Reptiles can see infrared light which supplies heat to assist with maintaining body temperature and locating warm-blooded prey.  Fire is predominantly in the infrared range to the warm colors of our visible spectrum which is why it looks red, orange or yellow overall.

For further thought:

  • Are there any ways in which God still uses light to lead us or to light our way?
  • Why do you think God might have chosen a rainbow in the sky rather than one of those “God-beams” breaking through the clouds to accompany His promise of never again flooding the earth? Genesis 9:8-16
  • In Numbers 22:21-40, there’s a very strange story that includes a talking donkey which saw the angel of the Lord standing in the path, but her rider, Balaam, did not. Could our visible spectrum have blinded Balaam to what was spiritually visible to his donkey?  The Bible doesn’t say, but it makes me wonder what other things we might not be seeing. How does spiritual light make things invisible to our naked eye, visible by faith?

Lord Jesus, during this season of Lent, give us spiritual sight so that we might see You for who You are. That we might see our own sinfulness clearly so that we might repent.  That we might recognize our need for Your forgiveness.  Give us Your light and lead us in Your ways for Your glory.  Amen.

* * *

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