What to do About Doubt

If anyone says he or she has never once doubted anything they’ve read in Scripture, I daresay they haven’t thought that deeply about it.  Only Jesus who has seen the Father could not possibly have doubts.  The rest of us, without firsthand experience, find ourselves like John the Baptist in prison (Luke 7:18-28) with periodic questioning of what we believe.

Doubts happen to anyone who thinks about things.  Doubting itself is not sin.  It depends on what you do with it.

Doubting that drives you to Scripture to dig and to learn and to ask Jesus to show you His truth is not sinful.  It’s humanity striving to understand something far beyond our comprehension.  Like Thomas in John 20:26-31  (comparing with Thomas in John 11:16), our life’s pains and disappointments can cause us to question what we believe.  But those of us who go to God’s Word in search of the Truth of Jesus Christ invariably find Him there and grow stronger in our faith for it.

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