Vote or Keep My Hands Clean? The Conversation Continues

keep-my-hands-clean-asks-priscilla“I am not sure whether I should cast my vote or keep my hands clean of this whole election? Both Trump and Hillary have some good and bad qualities.” Wow.  If that doesn’t boil down the Christian’s concern in this election to its most basic level.  Thank you, Priscilla, for outlining so clearly the choice ahead for Christians. 

The Bible doesn’t tell us how to vote or even that we must. 

What does the Christian do?

As I began this series, A Conversation with Priscilla, I mentioned that I’ve been answering Bible questions for a long time.  And I’m grateful that there are women like Priscilla who are paying attention and deeply desiring to act as a Christian in this election season. 

Today, the answer to her next question:

QUESTION:  “I am not sure whether I should cast my vote or keep my hands clean of this whole election? Both Trump and Hillary have some good and bad qualities.”

ANSWER:  I can easily understand the dilemma. Many Americans feel the same way. This is where I believe Jesus’ Parable of the Talents (Matthew 25:14-30) sheds light on this election for Christians. Of course each American only gets one vote, but the principle (that we are given a situation and God holds us accountable for putting it to work for Him as best as we can) still applies. Judging the candidates as not worthy of a selection is the equivalent of the “wicked servant” saying (v. 24) “‘Master,’ he said, ‘I knew that you are a hard man, harvesting where you have not sown and gathering where you have not scattered seed. ” That servant met a bad end. The ones with 2 and 5 talents didn’t sit around complaining or wishing for better, they just did the best they could with what they’d been given. So it will be with me. I see good and bad qualities, no record (which makes me uneasy) and a record of public service (that troubles me deeply), but I will do my best to seek truth and vote accordingly.

Perhaps that’s why the thing I find most troubling is what the media is doing on this. When gossip passes for truth and collusion is occurring, we’re in a world of hurt.   It’s no surprise that the media has long abhorred Christians and what we stand for. It’s suspicious to me that suddenly the situation is presented to divide Christians from one another on morality grounds.

Is this just a tactic to further bury Christianity with our own shovel?

I think so. That’s why the issues are important and I’m taking great pains to read widely and evaluate critically. Sex sells, but truth saves.


The conversation continues….


For the record, there are other candidates besides Trump or Hillary.  There are actually 22 named candidates on my November election ballot for President.  Aside from the ones we’ve heard exist, there are plenty of other write-in choices.  The media has done a terrible job of educating so that we can vote with our conscience and our reason…and of course for you and me “to keep my hands clean.”


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