Vote for Trump or Hillary in 2016?

trump-or-hillary-asks-priscillaDo I vote for Trump or Hillary?  That’s a question on many Americans’ minds.  Well, don’t look at me.  (LOL)  I’m not going to tell you.  But I will tell you my answer when Priscilla asked it.  In the previous post A Conversation with Priscilla, I mentioned that I have been answering Bible questions for many years and I applauded Priscilla for asking a series of questions many people have on their hearts.  And wanting a biblical perspective.

The previous question was “As a Christian, what do the upcoming elections foreshadow for the USA?”  Today, I’ll share with you my coffee-time answer with my sister in Christ and new friend, Priscilla. 

QUESTION:  “I don’t know who to vote for….Trump or Hillary? I feel like no matter who I vote for in this upcoming election that our country is doomed. It seems like our days as “The Land of the Free” are coming to a swift end soon.”

ANSWER:  You’re right: It’s hard to feel good about voting for either of the candidates, but it’s easy to see the track record they’ve both had as public servants on the issues. The real issues, not the tabloid ones.

Hillary Clinton has been a public servant since Arkansas (1976), earning her family’s living from the taxpayers for 40 years, has had the blessing of being responsible for legislation, and accountable to the public who elected her and her husband.

Donald Trump has no public record. He’s been a business man looking out for a different set of priorities…that of his private companies, as it should be. He has earned his money privately, as the fruit of his labor, and he is accountable to his employees and boards. He has abided by the laws the entire time.

To judge Donald Trump by the public servant standard gives us no data points. Hillary Clinton has a record to defend. The converse is also true. Donald Trump’s only record is his business, whereas Hillary has no record as a privately employed citizen for decades and therefore her record for job creation, business taxes, etc. does not apply.

As a general rule, I believe “The Land of the Free” idea prospers best in a limited government environment where individual freedom like God gives us can be exercised according to one’s conscience. Christians are free to be Christians first.


To be continued …

The information I gleaned was found at these links you might find helpful.

It’s a genuine pity that so many recent biographies of both candidates are so steeped in smear that they serve to become useless for information regarding either Trump or Hillary.  Google and Bing results produce little but a bazillion versions of character assassination on both sides.  As a general rule, Christians should stick to the facts which are as close to the truth as possible.

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