The Weapon of the Word

The sword of the Spirit is the Weapon of the Word.  In the spiritual battle, it’s the only offensive weapon available to us.  And that’s a good thing since we fight an invisible enemy.

In the movie Monsters, INC. Randall is Boo’s monster who can become invisible and change his appearance like a chameleon to be rendered difficult to see against a backdrop.  When the hero Sully was trying to fight against him to save Boo, the evil Randall’s invisibility made him hard to fight.  Sully may have been bigger and stronger, but deprived of his sight, this gave him no edge.  Likewise, in horror movies, the invisible enemy is always the scariest.  You can’t fight what you can’t see.  At least in the movies.

In the spiritual battle, we can indeed fight what we do not see.  We use the sword of the Spirit, the Word of God.  The simple reason is this: words have invisible power.  Better yet, the Word of God never fails to be victorious because it is the invisible power…of God.

So when insults come your way; when you’re weary of standing firm; when the illness is taking its toll; when doubts crowd your mind or when discouragement sneaks upon you and pounces, strike the enemy with the Word of God.  Stand firm upon His promises.  Scripture has spiritual power to fight an invisible enemy.sword of the spirit


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