The Narrow Way to Life

Sometimes people view narrowness as being intolerant or small-minded. They view it as exclusivity–something evil, available only to the rich or powerful. God views narrowness differently.

He views His Narrow Way as universally life-giving and open to all even though not all will choose Him. When we choose to seek Him and not to rely upon the smorgasbord of the world’s delights to satisfy our days, we might be viewed by others as choosing a narrow way–a way that restricts or seems intolerant. My choice to seek Jesus, however, doesn’t make anyone else less free to choose what they will do.

Perspective might show that the world’s standards and earthly pleasures appear to be miles wide but in fact, they’re paper thin. God’s way might be a narrow selection but it goes infinitely deep and therefore will be more life-giving and satisfying than anything this world can offer. Think about the Narrow Way as leading to Life and seek Jesus while He may be found.

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