The Harrowing of Hell

The Harrowing of Hell (Summary Version):

Harrowing of Hell

Thank you, Simon, for asking the interesting question about  the “Harrowing of Hell.”   First, I’ll offer a short summary answer followed by two pages going progressively deeper into the topic.

The term “Harrowing of Hell” refers to the time after Christ’s victory over death through which He was able to secure freedom for righteous men and women imprisoned by sin since the Fall of Man.  The timing happened sometime after His death, but before His resurrection.  Some theologians do not want to taint Christ with Hell…even by a temporary visit…so they disregard this as not being in Scripture.

The bottom line is that the answer to the question “Where did Jesus go after He died?” is that His body lay in the ground for three days prior to His resurrection while His Spirit went elsewhere.

Jesus Christ secured freedom for all of God’s faithful people by His death on the Cross –even if it doesn’t specifically say how Christ went to release them from hell.

 But there’s more to this and if you’d like to go deeper, join me on the next page.

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