Racine Revival Prayer-Week 3

Gracious Father in Heaven, You are our greatest treasure and we value You above everything else.  We honor You as God.  We marvel at Your awesome power.  We praise You for Your goodness and love.

Revival in RacineWe acknowledge, Lord, that we fail to give You all the glory You deserve, for You deserve it all, infinitely more than we know how to give as finite human beings.  We thank You, Lord Jesus, for the sacrifice of Your life for our sins, though our sins are many.  We know that apart from You, we can do nothing.  We thank You for Your faithfulness to endure the Cross for our sakes.  We thank You for Your grace and mercy.  Holy Spirit, we thank You for Your guidance, for pointing us to Christ, for inspiring every good thought and every good deed.  Lord God, You alone are good.

Today we ask that You would make us bold witnesses for Yourself so that we might take a stand in a world that does not know You.  We thank You for the power of the Holy Spirit and the way He gives us words when we don’t have any.  We thank You for friends and family, for coworkers and neighbors, as well as for our leaders—in our local communities and in our nation.  May Your people be bold witnesses, standing up for Jesus and proclaiming the powerful truth that Jesus Christ is THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life.

We thank You that because of the power of the Cross, nothing—not even death—can separate those who believe in You from the love of God shown to us in Christ Jesus.  We praise You for Your mercy and grace that we can only know because of Jesus Christ in Whose Name we pray.



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