Overcoming Abuse

In one of the early weeks of our Overcomer’s series, we mentioned that some things we never truly get over, but we do get through them.  This is one of those instances.

I’ve been trying to write this posting for over a week now.  I struggle knowing that I am ill-equipped to minister by experience in this topic; and greatly desiring to offer hope, I know that the Gospel can bring those plagued by histories of abuse through the painful journey from victim to victorious.

In my years on AllExperts, I’ve fielded dozens of questions from those abused by boyfriends, family members, church officials, co-workers, and strangers.  I’ve dealt with questions arising from a variety of kinds of abuse: domestic/workplace, emotional, physical, sexual, and verbal.

I’ve also answered questions from abusers who are wondering if there is any hope for them in the Gospel.  Some are writing between indictment and conviction.  Some are writing from death beds.  Some send questions from across the globe from where they initially victimized and left their victims.  Some have been right next door to the one they abused.

Each and every one of these questions has been painful to answer.  The very human part of me that recognizes the deep and scarring trauma that abuse inflicts wants to tell the abusers that there is no hope for them.  They’ll burn in hell and they deserve it.  That’s my flesh that feels outrage.

But the truth is: If the Gospel is not powerful enough to save abusers from hell and from living desperate and sinful lives of repeat offenses, the Gospel isn’t the Gospel. 

Jesus’ blood, in order to save any of us sinners, must be sufficient to save all who come to Him in repentance because His Word does not draw a line saying “These sinners are clean enough to go to heaven now, and these over here are beyond My ability to make clean.”

Abuse victims can find hope in the Gospel.  And so can abusers.

Perhaps some of you are reading this and thinking you’re all alone.  You think you’ve been abused, but you just keep telling yourself that you must have done something wrong, or that you deserved it.

No one deserves to be abused. 

No child.  No adult. 

No man.  No woman.  No boy.  No girl.

Abuse is not God’s design for relationships.  It’s the exact opposite of the love meant to characterize human interactions.

For a very good secular resource on abuse and help for the abused, please click here to find the Non-Profit Help Guide.  It’s quite thorough and very helpful.

I’d encourage you, if you believe you have been abused, to read through the questions and the warning signs. 

If you are under the age of 18, specific laws apply in many states for you to have special protections.  Tell a pastor, counselor, or your physician.  Mandatory reporting is there for your protection.

Over the next few days, I’d like to talk about how the Gospel can minister in the lives of abuse victims and their abusers.  Because the topic is weighty and so very sobering, I will probably intersperse days with Scripture photos for meditation in lieu of more writings for the healing of one who is Overcoming these things.

overcoming abuse


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