Living the Risen Life in His Peace

When we call Jesus “Lord” we can have a peace that passes all understanding because it’s a peace that He gives.  The world might promise peace and try to achieve it through compromise, collaboration, and consensus.  But, that’s not the kind of peace that God gives us.

Peace that characterizes the Risen Life is a peace with God.

How is this different?  Well, our Father didn’t send Jesus to compromise His holiness with our sin (as if it was a priority to take a balanced approach).  He didn’t send Jesus to collaborate with us (as if our ideas were even on the same plane of wisdom as God’s).  Jesus didn’t come to achieve consensus among a million brothers all of whom miss the mark of His perfection.  (He stands alone).

The reason why God gives us a peace that the world can’t give is because it is a superior peace bought with the blood of Jesus.  It is a peace of reconciliation based upon His characteristics of righteousness, holiness, love, sovereignty, wisdom, mercy, truth, and forgiveness.  It is His character that defines His peace and it explains why we do not need to be troubled no matter what the world brings and also why we do not need to be afraid in any circumstance.  Our peace is with God when we are Living the Risen Life.

peace I give

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