Living the Risen Life as a Light

When my kids were little, I pulled them out of school one day to see the Olympic torch pass through a neighboring community.  It was a once in a lifetime event for us and my kids still remember it.  News spread about the torch passing through and it drew a huge crowd.

In the same way, if you are a Christian, then you are a light.  You won’t be able to hide it–if you’re genuine–because your love for Jesus will overflow.  And let’s face it: you’ll be seen.

The upside to being seen is that light draws our attention, as do the good deeds we produce…especially when we don’t brag about them.  People will see you do these things out of love for Jesus and it draws people to step into the light.

Sure, our witness (the salt from the previous verses) can become polluted and worthless if we’re careless and do not guard it.  But our witness can also be light and beautiful if we uphold it and let it shine!

light of the world let it shine

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