Lent 2016 Devotionals: ReKindle

Ash Wednesday (February 10th) begins Lent 2016 and this year, my devotionals are called ReKindle.

Have you ever felt full of joy, overwhelmed by God’s love for you, experienced total peace and contentment, and rejoiced in the wonder of what Jesus has done for you?

Have you ever felt like it’s slipping away?  Like you don’t know why your fire isn’t what it used to be?  Like life has gotten in the way of what an amazing future God has in store for you?

 * * *

Rediscover it. 

Reclaim it.  

Renew it. 

ReKindle it.

* * *

That’s what Lent is for.  Introspection and renewal.  Remembering who Jesus is and what He did for you.  And moreover, why He had to do it.

Jesus cares far more about this than your giving up chocolate or your favorite TV show only to take them back up after Lent is over.  He wants for you to experience His presence in a whole new and far deeper way.  There’s no better way than to spend time with Him in His Word.

Come, let us rekindle during Lent 2016 and reignite the fire of faith that life tries to extinguish.


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Acknowledging that former years’ devotional series remain popular, Be Still and Know that I AM God can be obtained through the archives beginning in March 2014 and With Christ in the Upper Room  is archived beginning February 18, 2015.

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