Healing on the Way

I wonder sometimes if I have a big sticker on my forehead that says,

Talk to me.  I’ll listen.”

Wherever I go, people pour out their life stories to me and you know what?  I like that.  I like it so much that I won’t change my seat from an assigned middle seat on an airplane for the express purpose of putting myself in a position to offer a listening ear, some encouragement, a little hope, or healing to someone on the way to their destination.

Oh, I’m not one of those faith healers you might see on TV. 

But, I guess, there’s something about being near someone who has faith that can heal a weary soul.

I don’t know her name.  She sat in the aisle seat “D” and I was in assigned seat “F”, as in Faith, by the window today on my flight home.  I could tell she was actually in “D” as in Distressed.  We talked before cruising altitude and there must have been sufficient emotional refreshing that she zonked out and napped peacefully.  I glanced over at her periodically from my working on Sunday’s sermon.  I prayed for her while she slept.  She was tired from a million stresses weighing her down.  I wanted her to be an Overcomer and to know that healing is available by faith in Jesus.  When she awoke, we had a closing marathon discussion and covered an amazing amount of ground–about her family and the many things that had fallen apart in recent months.  I told her I’d pray for her.

Mystery woman,  whoever you are,  I’ve been praying for you all day.  I didn’t get a chance to tell you about Jesus but I hope you could see Him in me, though I am a total stranger.   I hope you will know Jesus and even felt His presence in the “E” (Emmanuel–“God is with us”) seat between us and that’s the reason you slept peacefully.  I hope I will see you in heaven someday and I truly hope you felt a tiny bit of His healing on the way.



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