A Walk in the Garden

While I’ve been absent from writing posts, there is something else I’ve been doing in this season of service.  Thankfully, my life hasn’t been concerned only with sewer systems and advocacy for my neighbors in my home town.  I’ve also been carefully preparing for a walk in the garden (my garden, actually) fulfilling a commitment I made a year ago to open my yard for a garden walk for charity.

As many of you know, I have a special connection to gardening. 

A walk in the garden was something God did back in Genesis.  He created Eden as a place for Himself to exult in His joy of creation and to surround Himself with beauty that began in His mind.  I enjoy all of God’s creative beauty and marvel–in artistic wonder–at the diversity He created.

Eden also became a place for man

(mankind being part of God’s creation in which God takes great pleasure)

It was a place for man to walk with his God.  A place of communing and worship.

But the garden was also a place for vocation.  Tending the garden is the world’s oldest occupation.  There’s something kind of joyful about God giving me activities to bless my days through gardening.  And while it is harder work since Adam and Eve disobeyed God, it is work that I also enjoy doing.

My garden is a place where I do what I was created to do: worship God and serve Him.

walk in the garden


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