Living the Risen Life with Diligence

Ever felt like giving up?  I do all the time.  Nevertheless, it’s always too early to throw in the towel on doing good things.  No matter where we are in our Christian walk, we must press on diligently, just as Jesus said, if we’re going to call Jesus “Lord.”

You see, the Christian life isn’t just a bunch of Don’ts or How Dare You’s.  It’s a lifetime of Dos—of doing good things!  Today, we see that diligence in doing good is required for Living the Risen Life.  We’ve seen diligence before.  It was previously in the passage from Romans 12:11, but there, it was called zeal, coupled with spiritual fervor.  But it’s the same Greek word with different nuance in the range of meaning.

Diligence is putting one foot after the other, keeping busily about our work, not letting distractions drag us off track or off task, and not letting discouragement get the better of us.  It’s a dedication to the work to be done whether or not anyone acknowledges what we are doing.  That’s because while people might not notice our work, God always does.  More than simply noticing, God does not forget.  That’s because to God, it’s evidence of your love for Him when you help others.  So we persevere, faithfully doing good and showing love to God and others as our mission on earth.  This is how we can be Living the Risen Life with Diligence.


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