Forgiveness (Summary Version)

What is forgiveness?  Forgiveness is a transaction between two or more individuals.  Forgiveness assumes someone acted wrongly toward another and that the offended person has a right to something as payment to make peace with the offense and the offender.  It’s also a relational issue…and a complicated one at that.  If you’d like to explore deeper, join me on the next page.

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  1. by Teri

    On March 8, 2011


    This is so beautiful…I went on the site to try to figure out how to subscribe to the lenten devotionals and found this gem…thanks for blessing my day. So many people drown in depression and I believe most of it is due to lack of forgiveness, along with fear of looking at our own part in all of this…so hard. You are so wise and your words are so healing. Keep up this vital ministry!! Love, Teri

  2. by seminarygal

    On March 10, 2011

    Thank you, Teri. You’re absolutely right: Forgiveness is hard. Lately I’ve been pondering the idea of forgiving oneself and whether that’s even possible. If our actual sins are also sins against God, it seems to me that we cannot forgive ourselves. God’s forgiveness comes first–and it comes by way of pardon at Jesus’ expense. But knowing that God has forgiven us, why do we even question whether we will forgive ourselves?

    Holding a grudge against ourselves (i.e. forgiveness held hostage in order to self-inflict maximal damage) seems even more wrong. For those of us prone to recalling every shortcoming, oh great, there’s more for me to feel guilty about! I wonder if unconfessed sin may be less of an issue for some of us than RE-confessed sin?

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