The Goal is Love

Today’s Scripture says the goal is love.  Love is a pretty nice goal.  But let’s face it: It’s hard to live out this goal in our dog-eat-dog culture.  We are surrounded at every turn by those who would rather be self-righteous than kind, superior than sincere, and whose allegiance to any form of conscience died or stayed lost in the Lost and Found.

What do we do with people like that?  At least we know they stand opposed to us.  We love our enemies as Jesus said.

In many respects, it can be more difficult when people close to us believe something only …a little off… from what the Bible says.  It’s because they are friends and the trajectory starts out at a point so close to our own.  It’s just a little off, but the fork in the road is plainly there.  Over time, the two roads diverge and become more distant from one another until we have wandered far from the truth and look back wondering how we got there.

We love our friends and ought to love our enemies.  We should do our best to stay on the road to speaking the truth in love. Overcomers remember that the goal is love…and that wise, careful instruction is worth holding onto.

goal of instruction is love

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