Revival in Racine

Every once in a while I go missing in action and don’t write some posts for a while.  It’s not always bad–in fact, it’s usually the opposite.  Sometimes, it’s entering into an extended season of prayer (which is always good!) or needing to recharge after a devotional series in order to be filled by God’s Spirit so I can find new ways to pour out in writing.  Sometimes, it’s neatly packing a box from a previous chapter of my life, recalling the lessons learned and the ways God showed Himself powerful.  Packing and labeling these chapters has always proved important before God moves me to the next season of ministry.  The boxes go into the spiritual warehouse, not so I can rifle through them and get intimately concerned with the past, but so I can marvel at the accumulating lessons God has taught me on this journey of faith.

I finished my volunteer ministry at Advocate Condell on June 29th and have been eagerly awaiting telling you of this next chapter in my life.

Beginning August 3rd, I have the great joy of being part of a lovely church in Racine called Plymouth Congregational Church.  It’s a historic church investigating ways of reaching new generations of Christians in the Racine area of Wisconsin.  I will be their guest preacher and we will begin working our way through the Book of Acts.

Why Acts, you ask?  Acts tells the story!  The story of the Holy Spirit working to build the Church.  And, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about spiritual revival from a personal level that extends to the community level of the church, it’s this:

Revival is always God’s work.

It’s not something we can contrive or schedule into our daily planner.  We can’t artificially manufacture it.  No self-help book, marketing plan, or strategic assessment will make it happen.  No emotional high of worship music can substitute for it.  It requires the Holy Spirit’s activity breathing fresh air and life into the staleness of our everyday lives.  Breathe it in…

I sense–in Racine–a new wind of the Spirit of God picking up.  I’m excited about it!  God wants us to watch for such things and recognize them when they happen.  Do you feel the wind picking up?  I do.

We cannot harness God’s power, just as no one can harness the power of ocean waves as they pound the sand on the shoreline.  But God wants us to ride the wave and to know His power–His working that will give us the ride of our life.  He wants us to experience a spiritual revival–as individuals and as a Church–through four means:

  1. Biblical Preaching
  2. Intensive Prayer
  3. Praising God and
  4. Believing the Holy Spirit will enliven any community of Christians which greatly desires Him, cherishes His presence, and wants to bring Him glory through His Gospel.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

That includes Racine.  So, if you live in the Racine area or someone you know does, church services at Plymouth Congregational Church (located at 1143 College Ave. –corner of College Ave. and 12th Street in Racine) are at 10:30 am and I’ll be starting August 3rd.  I’d love to meet some of you who receive these posts…even second or third-hand.

If you’re not local and cannot come, I invite you to keep watch here at as I will endeavor to post the teachings, the prayers, the praises to God for what He’s doing in Racine, and together we will believe that the Holy Spirit will show up and bring revival.   Revival for me, for you, for this church in Racine, and for the Church worldwide.  We need revival for the times in which we live.  I covet your friendship and your prayers for this ministry that I’ve been waiting 10 years to do.

God is so very good.

in His grace, Barbara <><

Revival in Racine


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