Prayer for a Peaceful Transition of Power

This week marks the time in American culture every 4 years in which we either celebrate a second term of an incumbent President or welcome—in the tradition of our Republic—a peaceful transition of power. A passing of the baton in a race we all run together as Americans.

Why would our Republic allow for a peaceful transition of power? Well, our founders recognized this biblical truth:

Romans 13:1 Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God.

That means the past eight years have been established by God. It means the next four are as well and in both cases, it is true irrespective of how we feel or felt about it.


Because Christians and all others in the culture are supposed to honor that God-ordained establishment of authority. Moreover, I’d argue that a transition of public servants is more likely to be God-honoring because one obdurate leader more easily becomes a tyrant than ones with term limits.

For those Christians out there who are tempted with chants of “Not My President!” to consider a duly elected leader illegitimate or through harassment of fellow Americans, make them turn their faces from what is peaceful and God-honoring, my advice would be to think very soberly about what you’re doing. God says that the one giving in to such temptations is rebelling against God and we are only bringing judgment upon ourselves by doing it.

Romans 13:2 Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

See? I don’t make this stuff up.

Furthermore, this verse doesn’t apply only to those authorities we like. It isn’t like God says “Submit to rulers you like and those you don’t? Aw, forget it. No biggie.”

It’s a biggie. It’s a biggie because you’re basically saying you know better than God and trust me, you don’t.  I don’t either.  In fact, no one but God knows what God intends to accomplish through any ruler.  What do we know?  We know that God put that person there to do it. (Read Romans 13:1-8)

So this and the next 4 installments will be an invitation to pray for the outgoing leaders as well as those incoming. It’s what Christians are supposed to do as a peaceful transition of power in submission to God Himself.

Let’s pray: We praise You, our Father in heaven, that You know all things past and present, that You alone know the future, and where Your plan is headed. Forgive us, Lord, for failing to heed Your appointment of leaders and for finding faults in them. Too often using our words to harm other human beings knowing that our Lord and brother Jesus feels every insult we do and say against our neighbor. Please forgive us, Lord, for not using times of disagreement to bring our prayers before You for our protection, to gain Your  wisdom, Your grace upon us, and for strength to persevere even when we do not understand. Keep our hands from hatred and violence, and our thoughts from evil. Keep our souls pure. Guide us toward what glorifies You. Specifically, Lord, today we pray in agreement with Your Word, that You will allow a peaceful transition of power from Your prior servant to Your next servant and no ill will befall anyone who has come together to participate in that which You ordained. You are God alone. And we are thankful, Lord Jesus.  Bless us and bless our leaders. Amen.

This series on praying for our national leaders is archived beginning January 17, 2017 and included:

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