Memorial Day 2018-I Remember

On this Memorial Day weekend, I wish to remind all of us that freedoms in the United States of America were bought and paid for with the blood and lives of fellow Americans.  These heroes made the ultimate sacrifice of love, after all “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends” (John 15:13).  Even friends generations down the road who might forget … to remember … the sacrifice.

At the risk of inflaming the Internet trolls who have criticized my patriotism and written hate mail, today I remember the sacrifices of the fallen soldiers who have preserved my right, given by God, to be a Christian witness in this country. 

  • My right to share the Gospel without fear of being boiled alive in acid or having my head severed. 
  • My right as an American woman to dress as I please and to receive an education. 
  • My right as an American woman to speak publicly and to inspire both women and men to live the Risen life.  
  • My right to freely speak and freely think.  Not every nation welcomes the freedom to peacefully disagree and even protest, or to stand on the street corner soap box and proclaim the Name of Jesus.

On a day and a weekend too many people view as for picnics and barbecues or even as Veteran’s Day the Spring Edition, I choose to remember…and to say “Thank you” to those who are watching from heaven whose ears may never have heard those words while alive,

Thank you for sacrificing your life so I could be free.” 

I love you and I remember.

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