Gain the World; Forfeit Your Soul

I struggle with the way our culture is going.  Gain the World; Forfeit Your Soul.  It sums up America as I observe it.  Everywhere I look, it seems there are people out to gain power, prestige, prominence, and control for themselves.  We see it in politics, the popular media, at crime scenes, and in the city streets.

Instead of running to help someone who is hurting (or staying out of the way of those who are trying to help), we have become a generation of people who crowd into the too-close-for-comfort-zones with our smart phones to capture the video clip, upload it really fast, and then dream it goes viral.  O to be famous for 15 minutes…

What is especially troubling is how often this is done at the expense of a person’s conscience and any sense of moral concern for others!  Wouldn’t it be better to ensure the timely arrival of valued help by calling 911 instead of filming for YouTube or posting your status to Facebook?

If Jesus were to return in the moment of a crisis, would He really give a rip about someone’s video clip or Facebook status?  Gain the World; Forfeit Your Soul.

gain the world forfeit your soul


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