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Fox News Commentator Kirsten Powers has joined the ranks of Evangelical Christianity.  Welcome aboard, my sister!  Check out the article here.  In the article, it reads,

How was I going to tell my family or friends about what had happened? Nobody would understand. I didn’t understand. (It says a lot about the family in which I grew up that one of my most pressing concerns was that Christians would try to turn me into a Republican.)

For the record, let’s just admit that GOP doesn’t stand for God’s Own Party.  Christians—true Christians—are affiliated with different political parties.  Much of this can be traced to highlighting one issue over another in any Christian’s priority list.

Take me for example: I am unequivocally pro-life.  Jesus was and that’s why I am.  Now, pause and think for a moment if you know pro-life Democrats and pro-choice Republicans.  If you get around much, you certainly do.

In fact, I’d argue that many in the GOP leadership are embarrassed about people like me: Christian, theologically conservative, pro-life, stay-at-home moms.  They probably dislike me every bit as much as many liberal Democrats, like this blogger who wrote:

Having done a fair amount of legal work for non-profit organizations, one of the big no-no’s is involvement in political activities in support or opposition of particular candidates and/or legislation. To be tax-exempt, one had to focus on charitable activities, not politics and candidate support. Increasingly, churches – principally conservative ones – have thrown this concept out the window and here in Virginia, many conservative (translated, anti-gay, anti-abortion, and anti-religious freedom for others) churches are now basically an arm of the Republican Party with activities orchestrated through the ever foul Family Foundation.

Do I detect a tiny amount of animosity here?  Is it really “principally conservative ones” or shall we cry foul, or would that be “ever foul?”

Well, Mr. Blogger, how do we reconcile that with this (I received it just yesterday)?  It was sent by a pastor to his congregation:

The Commonwealth of Virginia has authorized no money to help the poor enroll in Affordable Care Act health plans.  All assistance must be done by volunteers.  [Name of organization removed for anonymity] is filling this gap. Anyone can volunteer with them to be part of the solution.  This is a social justice issue… So – thanks, friends, for considering doing God’s work in this way.

God’s work?  Did I miss the day God voted for the Affordable Care Act? 

(Is this even a church we’re talking about?  Yes, sadly yes.  Supposedly…)

Is there anything stopping this pastor from organizing a team of hospitals, doctors, nurses, and dentists to offer pro bono care to the indigent as an expression of loving, Christian ministry?  Of course not.  Is there anything stopping this pastor from encouraging his congregations to supply nutritional food to food banks, build homes through Habitat for Humanity, provide medical care for the poorest of the poor through forming a medical ministry like my friend’s Hands and Hearts International that over the years has provided medical and dental care for tens of thousands in Africa.  Someone could start a ministry for Virginia…the location of both the blogger and the pastor…and you know what?  Maybe if they did that instead of bowing down to the government, the Christian witness would be even more evident.

When your church signs up the poor for some controversial government program,

what is that saying about who provides?

Is it God who has provided?  Or is it the government?

What is your witness, sir? 

Whether Republicans or Democrats, our goal should be to point to Jesus every chance we get.  It doesn’t mean we can’t be vocal about the intersection of faith and life, doctrine and discipleship, or communicate what the Gospel speaks as admonition to a culture far from God. Mr. Pastor, let me say this as clearly as I know how:

Christian witness of the Church hangs in the balance.  It is why we need to have Christianity apart from politics.  Jesus stood above the politics of His time and we should follow His example.




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