Chapel Worship Guide 10.30.2011

Service Order for 9:00AM Sunday, October 30, 2011
Nemmers Family Chapel at Advocate Condell

Call to Worship/Welcome

Hymn # 37  Great is Thy Faithfulness

Scripture reading Romans 8:28-39

Blessings (words and music by Laura Story) performed by Barbara Hunt (sign language of worship), sung by Kat Metzger, both of Christ Church Lake Forest; and accompanied by Sara Pogue of Christ Church Highland Park.

Message:  “WE HAVE A REDEEMER!” from the story of Ruth, presented by The Rev. Patricia Handley

Ruth: 1:1-27, 4:13-22  Matthew 6:25-34

1. Sometimes it is difficult to believe the promises of God in His Word for ourselves. How do you respond to the amazing words of Paul in our Scripture reading today of Romans 8:28-39?
2. Can you believe those words are true for you too, or do you believe there are some things which can separate you from the love of God? If so, what might those things be? Can you hand them over to Him?
3. In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6, Jesus tells us we are not to worry, that we cannot add one day to our life by worrying. Do you find encouragement or comfort from those words? If so, how might they help you today?
4. Do you find any parallels between your current life circumstances and the story of Naomi Ruth and Boaz?
5. In the beautiful story of Naomi and Ruth, in what ways might you find meaning for the idea of God as your Redeemer?
6.  God wants us to know Him personally as not only the One who gave us life, who desires to be in relationship with us, as the One who redeems us, but also as our Lord and Savior. Is this, the “Good News of the Gospel” easy or difficult for you to believe? Why?


Response In Christ Alone


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