The Gospel according to Matthew (Condell Worship Series, Winter 2013)

In our upcoming Winter Series at Advocate Condell Medical Center, we will work our way through the Gospel according to Matthew. 

From Epiphany to the Resurrection, we will present Jesus as our promised Savior, “the shepherd of my people Israel.”

Note to local church presenters:

Since our goal is to present the life of Christ from birth to resurrection as the Gospel of Matthew does, please feel free to choose a passage of Scripture from within the range specified for that date and present the topic of your choice.  I have suggested some for you, but the list is not exhaustive.

Thank you again for all you do for the patients and staff at Advocate Condell Medical Center!

Schedule for Winter Series 2013
Date Choose a passage from this section of Matthew Speaker Suggested topics or any another from the passage indicated
6-Jan Matthew 2:1-12 Epiphany  Barbara Shafer Visit of the Magi
13-Jan Matthew 3 Pastor Rick Sutton Lakeview Presbyterian in Vernon Hills Baptism of Jesus
20-Jan Matthew 4  Bill Slater Temptation of Jesus
27-Jan Matthew 4  Barbara Shafer Calling of Disciples
3-Feb Matthew 5  Barbara Shafer The Beatitudes
10-Feb Matthew 6  Libertyville Covenant Living in light of Christ (Lent–Ash Wed Feb 13th)
17-Feb Matthew 7-8  Bill Slater Healing, cost of following Jesus, Jesus’ calming the storm
24-Feb Matthew 9-11  Barbara Shafer Come to me…I will give you rest for your souls
3-Mar Matthew 12  First Presbyterian Church of Libertyville Lord of the Sabbath, God’s chosen servant
10-Mar Matthew 13  Barbara Shafer Parables of Christ (also Mt 18, 20, 21, 22 or 25)
17-Mar Matthew 14, 16, 17  Bill Slater Jesus’ miracles: walking on water, feeding the multitudes, transfiguration
24-Mar Matthew 21 Palm Sunday   Barbara Shafer Triumphal entry
31-Mar Matthew 27 Easter Sunday  Pastor Rick Sutton Lakeview Presbyterian in Vernon Hills Death of Jesus and bodily resurrection

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