Living the Risen Life Through Self-denial

Death before Resurrection.  It seems like a no-brainer, but we die hard.  Just as He said, before we can genuinely follow Him, we must deny ourselves.  We must die to our will, our desires, our lordship, our plans, our pride, our possessions, our control, and ourselves. Only then can we follow Him in Living the Risen Life.  What areas of your old life do you struggle to let die?  Your desire to make plans of your own and see them through?  Your satisfaction at earning money and doing what you want with it?  Your possessions?  Your need to have everything make sense before accepting it?  Your expectations about what happiness looks like?  Your hunger for signs of success?  Jesus says, submit all these things to God.  Deny yourself.  Pick up that cross on which you put to death your desires of self-determination.  Then, you will be free to follow Him in Living the Risen Life.

deny himself

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