Lent Day 10–American Idols

Idolatry—not everyone’s favorite subject.  In fact, many of us go through our days not really thinking much about it; maybe belittling it in public; or disregarding it as having no relevance for today.

Big mistake, or so Paul says in 1 Corinthians 10: 14-15: “Therefore, my dear friends, flee from idolatry. I speak to sensible people; judge for yourselves what I say.”  If you’re sensible, you will think about it.  You will recognize it and not diminish its insidious pull at your life.  You will flee from idolatry knowing that it endangers your soul and your relationship with God.

Does this make you uncomfortable?  That’s because of what idols are—and what idols do.  Americans love American Idol and probably don’t think much about the name.  But an idol is anything we worship that is not God.  “Oh, I don’t worship a TV show,” you might be thinking.  Do you order your day so that you can watch it?  Do you talk about it with your friends and co-workers?

Now ask yourself whether you order your day especially so that you can worship God?  Do you talk about Jesus with your neighbors and co-workers with the same enthusiasm with which you talk about American Idol?

Maybe TV isn’t your cup of tea.  How about golf?  Tennis, anyone?  Chicago Bears, unless you’re a Packers fan?  If we’re more likely to desire activity in these areas—more than spending time with God—it reveals that our hearts are divided.

God desires wholehearted worship and therefore, we are to flee from idolatry.  That means we are not to participate in worshiping things that the culture worships.  In verse 22, Paul asks “Are we trying to arouse the Lord’s jealousy?  Are we stronger than he?” 

Does that mean I need to give up golf, tennis, Starbucks, or TV?  No.  Just ask yourself if you’re worshiping it.  Can I just give it up for Lent?  Not if you’ve concluded it’s an idol in your life.  Wholehearted worship is an all-day, every day perspective. 

As we continue in this season of Lent, ask God to reveal any hidden idols and ask yourself,

What do I worship? What am I devoted to?

Does anything have such a hold on me that I am unwilling to give it up?

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