Getting Over or Getting Through Troubling Times

Whether you’re in an employment transition or enduring suffering of another type, Overcoming can mean getting over or getting through troubling times.  For some of us, the troubles pile one on top of another and it feels like life is a repeating cycle of sorrows and you’re waiting for the crescendo to cease.  It can feel awful.  I know because I’ve had seasons like that.

At one point my husband and I looked at a list of most stressful events a family can endure and we’d done 8 of 10 in the span of 7 years.  We were only missing divorce and death of a spouse, causing us to quip about ways of achieving a perfect 10.  Instead, we just double-dipped on the existing 8.  It was a horrible season in our family and we barely held on through the flood of tears.

Some of you are having a season like that.  I look at Colorado and know that some of the unemployed may also be dealing with floods on top of fires from last year.  In this world we will have many troubles.  Jesus says for us to take heart.  He overcame the world (John 16:33).

You can overcome by getting over something to where it’s behind you and you conquered it. 

You can also overcome something by pressing on in spite of it and you get through it by God’s grace. 

It’s like you’ve crossed the swollen river and you made it to the other side.  You’ve passed through the fire and wind.  You’re still standing.  Maybe you overcome unemployment by getting a job.  Maybe you overcome unemployment by pressing on in faith and seeing the miraculous ways God still provides for you and your family.

Whether getting over or getting through troubling times, you can be an Overcomer.  Hold on. Help is on the way.

Getting Over, I will be with you

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