Chapel Worship Guide 10.16.2011

Service Order for 9:00AM Sunday, October 16, 2011
Nemmers Family Chapel at Advocate Condell

Leading worship today is Jeremy Woods, Crossroads Church


Worship Song — You Never Let Go (Matt Redman)

OT ReadingsGenesis 15:12-14, Psalm 102

Prayer for World Missions — Prayer for Romania

NT ReadingHebrews 11:23-28

Worship Song — You Are My All in All (Jesus, Lamb of God)

MessageGod Hears Our Cry by Jeremy Woods

Brief Introduction to the text:
God’s promise to Abraham included a promise that there would be a period of slavery in a foreign land, and that the nation would be judged and his people would be delivered (Gen 15:13-14). Thus, it is no surprise that they have ended up in Egypt. Many years after Joseph, the people of Israel were enslaved and cried out to the Lord.

There are three major movements of Exodus 2-12:
Movement I: The Birth of Moses (2:1-10)
There was great faith in the mother of Moses, who preserved Moses’ life through the basket. The Lord also used the midwives’ actions to preserve life, as well as Pharaoh’s daughter who took pity on the child. In situations that seem hopeless, it is good to know that we have a God who is able to do all things well.

Movement II: Moses in the Wilderness (2:11-4:17)
Moses questions his call from God, and does not think that God has chosen the right person. Yet God tells him not to rely on his own power, but rather on the power of God. Have we questioned our calling? Perhaps God is using us as instruments in answering the cries of others. The most amazing thing is that God chooses to use us for his kingdom purposes!

Movement III: Moses Returns to Egypt (4:18-12:51)
Initially, the Israelites were overjoyed that God sent Moses to deliver them. But Pharaoh’s initial reaction of increased labor changed their minds quickly. Moses again questioned his calling, but God is faithful to his promises, and encourages Moses. God then acts mightily through Moses by afflicting Egypt with ten plagues. The final plague is the most significant one. God promises to rescue Israel through the blood of the Passover, smeared on the doorposts of their houses. This event looks forward to a final Passover sacrifice: Jesus Christ, who died to make atonement for the sins of his people. God has ultimately heard our cry for salvation, and he has sent his Son on our behalf. Have we cried out to Jesus for deliverance?

Closing Meditation — Just As I Am (Poem by Charlotte Elliot, 1835)



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