Lent Day 3–God’s Best in Our Worst

Why do musicians create Best Of compilations?  Why do sports franchises have a Hall of Fame?  Why does the New York Times have a Best Seller list?  All of these highlight the best of their class.  Best songs.  Best athletes.  Best books.

If the Bible were to have a “Best Of” series of Hall of Fame moments, it might be about the desert and recount times when the nation of Israel had seen God at work in powerful ways!  In many respects, today’s passage ( Acts 7:30-51 ) recounts a “Best Of” Israel’s history.  But in contrast to God’s Best, too often Israel displayed tabloid behavior.  Consider this Best and Worst list:

Best Director:  God, for hearing Israel’s cries for deliverance and faithfully saving them from slavery (Acts 7: 34).

Best Supporting Actor:  Moses, for seeing the burning bush, responding in faith and leading Israel out of Egypt.  He too was faithful (v 36).

Worst: The people of Israel take it all for granted. They complain to God and then reject Moses, questioning in verse 35, “’Who made you ruler and judge?”  (A: God, that’s who).

Best Writing:  God gives the Law, writing it on two tablets of stone with His finger.  Moses was in the desert, climbed a mountain, met with God, and “received living words to pass on to us” (v 37-38).  Surely it was an Oscar-worthy moment that Charlton Heston couldn’t do justice to—a mountain top moment for Israel!  God met with Moses and gave them the Law.

Worst:  What did the Israelites do?  They rejected Moses and the Law.  To go from bad to worse, in verses 39-41, they rejected God too by making their own god.

Best Set Design:  God and Moses for the Tabernacle, and God and Solomon for the Temple (verses 42-47).

Worst:  Israel turned their back on God and rejected His presence among them (v 51).

It’s a Best and Worst of times for sure.  Before we’re too quick to judge however, don’t we do the very same things?

Do we see the ways God has given us His very best and receive it with thanksgiving?  Or do we grumble and complain and reject His presence in our lives?

As you continue to Prepare the Way, take a moment to thank God for His deliverance through Jesus Christ.  In spite of our worst performance, God still offers us redemption in Christ: God’s “Best Of” presence for your life.

But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

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